Sex Addiction Help for Men

Sex Addiction Help for Men

Male Sexual Screening Addiction Test

The Male Sexual Screening Addiction Test (G-SAST) is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive or addictive behavior. The G-SAST provides a profile of responses that helps to identify men with sexually addictive disorders.

Note: None of these questions pertain to sexual orientation; rather, each question refers to sexual behavior.

Answer each question yes or no. Depending on the particular pattern of symptoms:

  • 1 to 3 positive answers. This may indicate an area of concern and should be openly discussed with a friend or family member.
  • More than 3 positive answers. This indicates the need to consider more professional addiction support, such as Sexual Addicts Anonymous, a 12-step support program.
  • Six or more positive answers. This indicates a problem with potentially self-abusive and/or dangerous consequences. The client should seek treatment.

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  1. Were you sexually abused as a child?
  2. Have you subscribed or regularly purchased/rented sexually explicit magazines or videos?
  3. Did your parents have trouble with their sexual or romantic behaviors?
  4. Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts?
  5. Has your use of phone sex lines, computer sex lines, and so on exceeded your ability to pay for these services?
  6. Does your significant other, friends, or family ever worry or complain about your sexual behavior?
  7. Do you have trouble stopping your sexual behavior when you know it is inappropriate and/or dangerous to your health?
  8. Has your involvement with pornography, phone sex, cyber sex, and so on become greater than your intimate contacts with romantic partners?
  9. Do you keep the extent or nature of your sexual activities hidden from your friends and/or partners?
  10. Do you look forward to events with friends or family being over so that you can go out and have sex?
  11. Do you visit sex clubs, bathhouses, and/or video bookstores as a regular part of your sexual activity?
  12. Do you believe that anonymous or casual sex has kept you from having more long-term, intimate relationships or from reaching other personal, educational, or professional goals?
  13. Do you have trouble maintaining intimate relationships once the “sexual newness” of the person has worn off?
  14. Do your sexual encounters place you in danger of arrest for lewd conduct or public indecency?
  15. Have you spent time worrying about being HIV positive, but continue to engage in risky or unsafe sex anyway?
  16. Has anyone ever been hurt emotionally by events related to your sexual behavior; for example, lying to your partner or friends, not showing up for an event/appointment because of sexual liaisons, etc.?
  17. Have you ever infected someone with an STD?
  18. Have you ever been approached, charged, or arrested for having sex in a public place?
  19. Has sex become a way to escape from your problems?
  20. When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterward?
  21. Have you made repeated promises to yourself to change some form of your sexual activity, only to break your promises later?
  22. Have your sexual activities interfered with some aspect of your professional or personal life; for example, causing you to be unable to work or to lose a relationship?
  23. Have you engaged in unsafe or “risky” sexual practices, even though you know this could cause you harm?
  24. Have you ever paid for sex?
  25. Have you ever had sex with someone just because you were feeling aroused and later felt ashamed or regretted it?
  26. Have you ever cruised public restrooms, rest areas, and/or parks looking for sexual encounters with strangers?

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